Land Planning

Subdivision Plats

A form of dividing a parcel of land legally to convey lots. A subdivision plat is reviewed for approval by the local governing body. A minor subdivision consists of 1-10 lots on existing roadways and utilities. Example of a 2 page minor subdivision, Page 1 Page 2.
A major subdivision requires the construction of roadways and infrastructures to be designed. The design has to be engineered by a licensed engineer with the State of Florida. The subdivision plat is based off the engineers design and can only be prepared by a licensed surveyor. A few examples of a 10 page major subdivision Front Page, Key Page, Lot View, Additional Lot View.
Condominium Plats

A form of ownership of air space and plotted as such on a plat, with the building structure being owned by a condominium association Example sheet 1, Example Sheet 2.
Land Condominium Plats

A division of property with interior land ownership. The overall parcel of land is owned by a condominium association with only designated areas of land within the overall parcel being conveyed to individual ownership. The overall parcel will include areas that are not individually owned that are either shared areas amongst the individual owners and areas that or not shared. A full example Front Page, Key Map, Condo Sheet 3, Sheet 4, Sheet 5, Sheet 6.
Splitting Land without Platting

A parcel of land that is zoned accordingly that may be divided, not requiring the approval of any governing body. Prior to dividing a parcel without platting, a boundary survey must be performed to determine the exact boundaries of the property. The divided lands must meet the current zoning requirements of the governing body.