Clements Surveying, Inc.

Cost and Fees
Professional surveying and mappings costs are dependent upon many factors such as the type of survey required, the availability of existing records and monuments, the type of terrain and location of the work to be performed.
Competitive bidding for the lowest cost does not necessarily assure the best interest of our clients. Clements Surveying will be glad to provide a price quote on any surveying service.
Having been in business since 1988, we have an extensive database of our previously surveyed properties. If we have provided surveying services on a parcel of land previously, we offer a discount on new services.
If you would like to check our database for prior survey information on your parcel of land, please provide us with some general information and we will be glad to search our database to see if a discount can be given.
In addition, if we have a prior survey of your parcel of land we will be glad to furnish a snap shot* copy for free.
We gladly accept payment through your real estate closing or cash, check, VISA, Master Card, and Discover.
Feel free to contact our office through our website or call us at 941.729.6690